How to wear your mask correctly so your glasses don’t fog up, you can breathe and keep yourself and others safe – so are you doing it right?

Okay, we all have been told many times that wearing a mask doesn’t prevent you from catching COVID-19, but if you are being forced to, wear it comfortably.

Wearing a face mask does not have to be an uncomfortable experience leading to breakouts, fogged glasses and sore ears.

Two experts have had their say on mask use, after it became mandatory for all residents of greater Sydney, including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong to wear them this week.

The recent outbreaks in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and some western suburbs led to the new restrictions – and people who refuse to wear a mask will be fined $200.

Entrepreneur Cecilia Li, who designed a face mask for the pandemic, and a NSW Health worker who wishes to remain anonymous revealed their tips.

Ms Li’s top priority with masks is getting people to wear them correctly to avoid discomfort.

She says if you find it difficult breathing in a mask then you might be wearing the wrong kind for you.

‘Choose a mask made from breathable fabrics such as good quality 100% cotton, bamboo or performance polyester which is more breathable,’ Ms Li said.

She also recommends using essential oils like peppermint or lavender with the mask to make it easier to breathe.


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