CHICAGO 2020 DEATH POOL…and the winner is…

CHICAGO 2020 DEATH POOL…and the winner is…


In case you’re new here, every year we have our annual Chicago Death Pool, where all members of our community guess the total number of murders that will occur in the city of Chicago for the coming year. The person whose guess is the closest to the death toll wins.

We had a very strange outcome this year. According to our official source, The Chicago Tribune, the grand total number of homicides in Chicago in was 769.  But the Chicago Sun-Times has well over 770, and other sites all seem to have many more homicides too. HAMPY guessed 700 and LANDRU guessed 840.

The 769 total gives the win to HAMPY. But an update in the next few days of just two or more homicides (which is actually kind of likely to happen) would make a total of 771 or more, which would give the win to LANDRU.

Instead of waiting to see if the Tribune updates their number and changes the result of our contest, we have decided to give both of our community members the prize this year.


Everyone, please give Landru and Hampy their congratulations.


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