WATCH: Foul-Mouthed City Councilwoman Blasts Antioch Police Department

WATCH: Foul-Mouthed City Councilwoman Blasts Antioch Police Department

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An Antioch City Councilwoman has taken to social media to blast the Antioch Police Department claiming police scared and hurt her son who was riding a dirt bike and quad on city streets this week.

Councilwoman Tamisha Torres-Walker posted a Facebook Live video highlighting from her perspective an incident between Antioch Police Department officers and her children.

“I am so pissed off right now, you just don’t know,” stated Torres-Walker. “These mother fuckers think I give a shit about being a city councilmember when it comes to my kids. I absolutely do not. So when I roll up and say who do you think I am, I am not talking about being a fucking city councilmember, I am talking about being an angry as fuck mama because you almost killed my kids and you don’t want to see me organizing these mother fucking streets.”

She stated that kids in Antioch have dirt bikes and quads and her children were following all the rules of the road.

“And these assholes felt the need to try my run my son over on his dirt bike,” stated Torres-Walker who stated police were mad they couldn’t catch her older son, that they went after her 13-year-old.

Torres-Walker stated that Antioch Police claim her children were riding on the wrong side of the street and she trusts her kids who say they were not on the wrong side of the street and following all the rules of the road.

“This asshole, Prieto or whatever the hell his name is, thought that it was just going to be his job today to try and run my kid over on his dirt bike and left my other side to fend for himself,” stated Torres-Walker who further claims Antioch Police rolled up on her son and bumped his quad with his vehicle which could have hurt him. “They pulled their tasers, he don’t know if they are tasers or guns but they draw on my kid and he recognizes they are tasers but by that time he is already scared.”

She then claims once Antioch Police Officer Prieto has her child on the ground he began to “talk shit” to him like he didn’t have a mother that loved him.

“I don’t believe shit they are saying. I don’t believe their story, these mother fuckers don’t wear body cameras out here. So they can be telling me any mother fucking thing,” stated Torres-walker who then said they took the quad to a tow yard.

She vowed that the incident was not over and she did not accept the story after how they rolled up n her son.

“You think I am going to show up and kumbaya, hell no. I am pissed. I am mad, I ain’t ready to kumbaya. What I want to do is throw your ass on the ground or up against your mother fucking car like my kid felt like he was in danger,” said Torres-Walker who did claims Antioch Police said if she didn’t calm down that they would take her child to juvenile hall. “Ya, and I would have your mother fucking badge you punk asshole. This dude is the most horrible community bedside manner and why would I believe anything he had to say.”

She then stated she didn’t care about being politically correct or being a city councilwoman.

“I don’t care about this title, what I care about is letting these mother fuckers know that if they would hurt my fucking kids, you would think that this mother fucking city is suffering for some money, they really would be suffering. No, I don’t care about my language, I don’t care what people think, you could de-friend me you can do whatever the fuck you want but right now I am pissed off,” stated Torres-Walker who admitted Officer Rodriguez did a good job but her partner was an “asshole”.

She vowed to ask for an investigation into the incident and believed what her kids were telling her because it was “logical” and “makes sense” while accusing Antioch Police of “fucking with our kids” as kids are doing this all day.

“You see my kid out there and you want to try and run my kid over on his bike. You could have at least said pull over and talk to you. No you revved up, sped up and tried to side swipe my fucking kid. That’s what you did,” said Torres-Walker who vowed to file a complaint because she didn’t believe things they said and didn’t trust them.

“This shit is not okay, for you to be talking to a child like that instead of showing up appropriately is fucked up and that is why I am glad we don’t have officers like that asshole in schools no more because of the way he showed up today with a 13-year-old. I hope he never gets to work with kids because he obviously don’t know what the fuck he is doing,” stated Torres-Walker. “You don’t think that a 13-year-old black child who just got ran down on by the police when you pull out something that he don’t know if you are going to take his fucking life or not.”

She again stated she didn’t care about being a city council member and didn’t “give a fuck about being a city council member, you don’t know me.”

She closed by stating she was mad and that Officer Prieto shouldn’t be on the streets because “these are kids just out trying to have fun” calling for Prieto to be more “culturally competent”.

“I don’t don’t give a fuck if you were black as night mother fucker police officer, your behavior is still the same. This ain’t about race, this is about a fucking culture and you mother fuckers think you are above the law,” stated Torres-Walker. “That you can just do this shit to kids because their parents don’t know what to do or to scared when they show up but I am not too scared to back down from this shit. This is fucked up.”

She said she would file a complaint and even requested a special independent investigation.

Antioch Police Chief Tammany Brooks issued a brief statement Wednesday saying they have initiated an investigation.

“I am aware of the video and the incident in question. I take these allegations very seriously and have initiated an investigation into the matter. In order to ensure a fair, impartial, and objective process is completed, I will be hiring an outside, independent investigator to conduct the investigation,” stated Brooks.

Antioch Police POA President Jason Vanderpool declined to comment at this time.

An request for comment was not returned by City Manager Ron Bernal or Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe.

Foul-Mouthed City Councilwoman Blasts Antioch Police Department

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