WATCH:Man caught on camera violently beating dog in Baldwin

WATCH:Man caught on camera violently beating dog in Baldwin
Officials are searching for a man reportedly caught beating his dog on camera in Baldwin.
It happened just after 1 a.m. on Dec. 26 outside a home on Stratford Road, officials say.
Nassau SPCA officials are worried this violence could be taking place at home.
“This is a precursor, you know, to violent crime, and is there domestic violence going on at home? Is there a child in the house that’s subject to the same outrageous anger that we saw in this video? Or even a domestic partner?” says Gary Rogers, of the Nassau SPCA.
Anyone with information is asked to call the SPCA at 516-843-7722.

Nassau County SPCA offers $5k reward for info leading to arrest of man beating dog

On the day after Christmas, a dog cried out in pain and fright as he was repeatedly beaten in Baldwin, New York. The disturbing incident occurred on Stratford Road at 1:23 a.m., and was caught on video by a nearby home’s ring camera.

In the video, a man in the shadow can be seen walking to the left of the yard calling the dog. When the dog obeys, the man can be seen holding the dog, bending down and repeatedly thrashing the pup who can be heard yelping. The dog’s cries are heartbreaking. The Nassau County SPCA has offered a $5,000 reward for the arrest and subsequent conviction of the person involved in this egregious abuse of a dog.

WARNING: The video is extremely disturbing and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.  Please use discretion.

Does anyone recognize this man’s voice?

Please share this video with friends, neighbors and social media contacts. Help find this cruel person and most importantly help this dog.

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