Doctor Denton meets Jenna Jameson…Butt-less pajamas ad sparks arousal and confusion

Butt-less pajamas ad sparks arousal and confusion


Doctor Denton meets Jenna Jameson.

A racy advertisement featuring a female model wearing open-flap, sexy pajamas exposing her well-toned derrière began popping up online, arousing some viewers while confusing countless others, reported BBC News on Tuesday.

The provocative promo from the fashion brand IVRose began appearing on, according to BBC.

While at first blush, the sultry sleepwear ad appears to be targeting adults, the copy reads “plain functional buttoned adult pajamas.”

So are the pajamas supposed to be sensual or merely practical for those with physical limitations?

According to reports, the IVRose website is managed by a Chinese tech firm.

One savvy social-media expert believes the revealing advertisement is most likely just a means of gathering consumer data.

Digital Whiskey planning director Mat Morrison noted that Chinese advertisers use provocative imagery as clickbait.

“Risqué, seaside-postcard-style wardrobe malfunction-style (ads) are a staple of the low-end publishers,” explained Morrison. “They’ve created a tantalizing advertisement that is just about ‘clean’ enough to pass publishers’ propriety rules but salacious enough to capture audience interest.”

Instead of targeting a specific audience, the promo goal may just be reaching out to an entire age or gender group.

“When someone clicks on it, the advertising network will place a retargeting cookie on their device that will let them identify them when they next see them,” reasoned Morrison. “The Web has opened up new routes to market for Chinese manufacturers who are selling to Western audiences through platforms like Amazon and eBay.”

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