A Hero Cowboy Calmly Takes His Sunglasses Off Before Jumping On a Armed Robber

This is the heart-stopping moment a have-a-go hero disarmed a gun wielding robber and then tackled him to the ground as he tried to escape.

The brave cowboy, who coolly removed his sunglasses before leaping into action, even managed to snatch a kitchen knife from the hands of the desperate criminal.

Captured on CCTV from inside a convenience store in Mexico, footage shows the young, armed robbed burst into the store waving a revolver pistol at the attendant.

The mugger then points the gun at the hero, who is wearing a beige cowboy hat with denim biker coat, before turning away to threaten the shoppers in the store.

But taking his eyes off the cowboy proves to be a costly mistake as the hero takes his chance, rushing the criminal and smashing the revolver out of his hand.

Panicked and realising he’s bitten off more than he can chew, the robber tries to sprint to escape but the cowboy grabs him in a chokehold while tries to flee.

In the meantime two store workers rush over to help, with one picking up the gun for safety.

The robber reappears on camera again, minus a shirt which has been ripped from his back by the hulking cowboy.

But desperately trying to run away, the robber then brandishes a long kitchen knife in a bid to escape.

Undeterred, the cowboy manhandles the robber again while the two store workers also step in to disarm the now defeated criminal.

The footage ends with the three men holding the robber down while the store worker is seen on the phone calling for the police.

Applauding the cowboy’s heroics, Reddit users were quick to praise the cowboy.

One said jokingly: ‘When you threaten an old man, and he takes his glasses off, you might want to reevaluate your life choices.’

Another quipped: ‘He didn’t even lose his hat – not his first rodeo



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