Remember When…

Do you all remember…?

….what was your favorite thing to do Sunday mornings?

For myself it was not just reading the Sunday Comics but it was the journey to get those comics in my hot little hands.

There was a tradition on Sunday mornings.

With sighs & eyerolls I impatiently waited for my Dad to open the Sunday papers for those comics.  In our house Dad always got the paper first

The first thing I would do was to was run outside to the find the newspaper. In those days we had a cranky, drives to fast , lousy aiming newspaper ol’ Koot that at least once a week tossed the dang thing in the Crick.

I would bring it in and set it on his table.  He would walk in with his cup of coffee, black & steaming hot. He would get in that Big Comfy Lazy Boy and then take a long sip accompanied by a big contented sigh. He would pull the paper out of that thin clear bag.  He then would ‘snap’ the front page section examining those headlines intensely which, of course, were accompanied by snorts, grunts and a few milds expletives in betweens the sips of that hot coffee, always drinking the cup dry. So I would go and fill it back up anticipating those dang comics. I would Gasp when he was reading them.

And always I would try not to spill the coffee but you know me… LOL

I would eventually get them. Then my baby sister & I would lay on the floor. She would turn those magic pages as I read them to her.


Who doesn’t Love Sunday Comics?



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