Which Browser Do You Use?

Can you see our Disqus commenting below?

We have learned some interesting things in the past week. An ordinary maintenance upgrade to our TNBD Theme has caused a problem for some people. The theme is just a fancy way of saying the color scheme, organization of boxes, story listings, advertisements, and all of the ways our site NewsBeyondDetroit.net is set up. A recent update by the company who designed it, seems to have finally proceeded with modern code that it broke the old Internet Explorer browser that a good number of people must still be using.  We don’t think we can go back to the old setup before the update, so we need to find a fix for some people.

Internet Explorer has been on the way out of Windows for a while now. Microsoft is really pushing their EDGE BROWSER, and if you have Windows 10 you should already have Edge.

There is also Google’s CHROME BROWSER, which is popular and easy to use. Here is  just a simple list for the most popular Windows & Apple browsers.


Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Duck Duck Go, Opera, Chromium, Vivaldi, Torch Browser, Maxthon,  Safari

We don’t really want to “recommend” any particular browser, but you usually can’t go wrong if you use a popular one. Disqus and our site will work hard to make sure that nothing they do will “break” the popular browsers.


If you feel that you want some help or special assistance with this topic, or <b>ANY</b> topic related to TNBD, just email us at newsbeyonddetroit@gmail.com and you don’t even have to tell us who you are if you don’t want. We hate the idea that some of you out there cannot get into our Disqus Commenting just because you are using an old browser like the old Internet Explorer. Let us help you install a newer one if you want.



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