TWELVE-year-old Texas rapper accused of shooting a baby cries as he’s remanded to juvenile detention


  • The boy cried and pleaded for another chance from Judge Alex Kim during a Tarrant County Family Court hearing held in September over Zoom
  • Judge Kim ordered the juvenile detained, telling him, ‘You may stay here until you’re 19 years old. I haven’t decided yet’ 
  • The judge held up print-outs of the boy’s internet posts, one seeming to show him holding a gun and another with the caption ‘F*** Judge Kim’
  • Boy allegedly shot the baby in April, at age 11, and is on probation for a 2019 arson

A 12-year-old Texas rapper accused of shooting a one-year-old baby, cut off his ankle monitor and ran off to a friend’s funeral.

The boy, a suspected Crips gang member, sobbed as a judge ordered him to be held in detention, during a September Zoom hearing in Tarrant County, Texas.

‘You may stay here until you’re 19 years old. I haven’t decided yet,’ said Judge Alex Kim of 323rd Family District Court.

The boy’s name is not being disclosed because of his young age.

The boy is on probation for an arson incident from 2019, according to the judge, but has repeatedly breached its conditions. One of those breaches involved him allegedly shooting a one-year-old baby.

The young rapper cut off his monitor August 14, he said, when he was told he wasn’t allowed to attend his friend’s funeral because he didn’t know his last name.

When the judge asked the boy what he should do considering he cut the monitor after promising not to, the 12 year old pleaded for yet another chance at freedom.

‘Could you at least give me one more chance and then see if this time I mess up, you should like hold me for some months?’ he said.

‘You told me, hold you for a year last time, if you mess up,’ responded Kim. ‘Why should I believe you this time?’

The boy sobbed as he continued to beg for leniency.

The judge responded by holding up a photo he said the rapper had posted on the internet, of him seeming to hold a gun.

Earlier, Kim had held up a printout of another post he said the boy made, which was captioned ‘F*** Judge Kim.’

His patience seemingly at an end, Judge Kim then denied the boy’s teary appeal for freedom.

‘Every time you come in here you cry. You know that, right?’ Kim said.

‘I’m not gonna let you go. Because I know you’re gonna go out there, you’re gonna handle more guns. Maybe somebody else gets shot,’ said the judge.

The rapper is accused of shooting a one-year-old baby in April at age 11, according to the hearing – which happened the day after his 12th birthday.

A spokesperson said the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office couldn’t release any information about juvenile cases.

The boy’s lawyer, Lisa Herrick, did not immediately return a call for comment.


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