Analysis: Texas is one of the ‘most hated’ states in the nation

New Jersey took the top spot and California took third, according to lifestyle website Best Life


TEXAS – This one hurts for the state of Texas. NOT!

Out of the top 10 ‘most hated’ states in the U.S., Texas is coming in as the second ‘most-hated,’ according to an analysis by lifestyle website Best Life.

New Jersey took the top spot, and Texas was followed by California.

Best Life says its findings were gathered by calculating the percentages of the population that have recently moved out of each state, analyzing a Gallup poll of which citizens felt the most pride in their home states, and the findings of researcher Matt Shirley, who took a poll from his 320,000 Instagram followers on which state they hate most.

The results of the analysis provided a final score of Best Life’s hatred index, where the higher the number, the more hated that state is.

Alaska, California, New Mexico and Oklahoma are the states that hate Texas the most, according to BL’s findings.

For Texas, the numbers were as follows:

  • Population change compared to the U.S. average: 2 percent
  • State pride: 68 percent
  • States that hate it: Alaska, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma
  • Population of states that hate it: 46,297,568
  • Hatred Index: 758

To see the full list of the ‘most hated’ states in the U.S., click here to view Best Life’s analysis.

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