What will it be like if Trump wins a second term?

What will it be like if Trump wins a second term?


Trump himself isn’t saying much about what a second term would really look like. Scripted legislative agendas are not how he rolls.

Still, if his first term has taught us anything, Trump will do what he promises and do what he wants.

Will the civil war that people have predicted  be visible in the hostile crowds hectoring each other on the Mall in January?

After that? What will Trump do with his political capital? What does an enraged Democratic opposition bring to bear that it hasn’t already?

The concern is that the tribal fear and loathing between Democrats and Republicans has reached such poisonous levels that any election result will be too toxic for the losing side to bear.

It might sound hyperbolic to suggest a civil war could break out, but 2020 has already been a year of plague and riots across America. The world’s greatest democracy is having a meltdown.

What do you think?

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