How King Ranch went from just acreage to a big Texas brand

The 10 Biggest Ranches In The Entire State Of Texas

Out in the southern deserts of Texas, King Ranch occupies 825,000 acres (1,289 sq miles) of land and is home to 35,000 cattle.

The King Ranch in Texas is Bigger Than the Entire State of Rhode Island
It is larger than the state of Rhode Island.

What once started as a cattle ranch has evolved to a major brand across the Lone Star State thanks to Captain Richard King’s vision and ability to seize on new business opportunities, according to the King Ranch website.

The ranch has become a major agribusiness expanding its interest in farming, luxury retail goods, and recreational hunting.

History Of The Ford King Ranch – Blue Oval Trucks

The King Ranch logo is recognizable on F-150 trucks, leather goods and more.

Captain King’s legacy inspired his family to continue and grow the business, fostering a culture of uncompromising quality, stewardship, and authenticity.

Today, King Ranch manages multiple operations including ranching, farming, hunting and more.

The business includes King Ranch Hunting, King Ranch Saddle Shop, King Ranch F-150, King Ranch Ranch Turfgrass and Mini Verde.

According to Bloomberg, King Ranch was valued at $725 million as of 2015.

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