‘Ducktales’ Director Confirms character Is a Lesbian

Fans of Disney XD’s Ducktales reboot had another reason to pull out the rainbow flags and pride gear, when fan favorite character Penumbra announced she’s not into men. Ducktales director and storyboard artist Sam King went on Twitter and confirmed that the character’s line was indeed confirming that she’s a lesbian.

Ducktales is a reboot of the classic Disney cartoon about Donald Duck, his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and their various duck friends. In season 2, the crew finds Donald’s sister, Della, trapped on the moon with an alien civilization called the Moonlanders. Now in Season 3, one of those Moonlanders, Penumbra, a guarded and pragmatic lieutenant voiced by Julie Bowen (Modern Family), has come back to earth with the Ducks and is trying to make a home on this planet with her new friends.

Last night’s episode saw Penumbra, or Penny to her friends, continue to struggle to fit in. At one point, Launchpad McQuack (a classic himbo) awkwardly tells her “I’m sorry for the bad date, but you’re really cool, and even if you hate me, I don’t want to have to be your mortal enemy and…” before a confused Penumbra says “What? No! We are not enemies. I just do not wish to date an Earth.. Male.”

After a fan on Twitter asked if the line meant Penumbra is queer, the episode’s writer and director Sam King confirmed it. “Hey yeah! For clarity, I had certain constraints I had to work in to get this across, so believe me I’m the first to say I wish it was more overt,” she said. “But yes, Penny calls everything on Earth “Earth -” her saying “Earth… male” is specifically saying “Men.” She’s a lesbian.”

He also potentially hinted at Penumbra’s story in that post, saying “We do have some themes and ideas coming up that address relevant LGBTQ+ narratives.” He even added that “there’s always opportunity for a lot more; I don’t want a cop out and a cookie for saying ‘look at this one thing we did!’” 


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