Donald Trump Christmas Ornaments Will ‘Make Christmas Trees Great Again’

Allison Johnson

If you watch ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York‘ on Christmas Day, you’ll be able to watch Donald Trump’s cameo. However, that’s not the only way you’ll spot Trump this holiday season. Donald Trump Christmas ornaments exist, and they’re perfect for Trump fans and Trump haters.

These hilarious Christmas tree ornaments will make great stocking stuffers for republicans and great gag gifts for your right-leaning friends. These holiday ornaments are a hot mess, but clever. I’m just waiting for someone to take it too far and make Donald Trump tree toppers.

Funny Donald Trump Christmas Ornaments

1. Kurt Adler President Donald Trump Glass Ball Ornament Standard

Your holiday guests might find your home decor a little silly this year. This glass ornament comes in two different options. You can choose between this portrait of Trump or one that says, “Make America Great Again.” President Trump is even wearing his infamous MAGA hat with the American flag in the back.

I wonder if Melania is decorating the White House Christmas tree with this ornament.

2. Tree Buddees Donald Trump Christmas Ornament

The pricing is excellent on this Xmas ornament, and a portion of annual sales gets donated to charity. Wonderful!

This ornament is under 4-inches, making it the perfect size for any Christmas Tree.

3. KSA Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” Red Cap Ornament

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