Unhinged UMass Professor Ester Shapiro Caught on Video Calling Trump a Nazi and Child Molester — Then Belittles Student Who Disagrees (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft

Sent in from: Layla Godey

Ester Shapiro is an unhinged Associate Professor of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts, at the University of Massachusetts.

Professor Shapiro was caught on video attacking President Trump as a nazi and child molester.
When one student bravely disagreed with the outrageous smear the stunned professor was taken back that one of her students would reject her enlightened remarks.  But Professor Shapiro did not budge on her claim that Trump is a nazi.

This incident happened last September 29th during an online class.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to the abused student who was shamed and humiliated by the far left professor.

Mary gave us this exclusive on her reaction to the abusive event.

I am very disgusted and very hurt by this action and I believe that college students deserve better and we need education reform in this country.”

Mary also told The Gateway Pundit that she filed a complaint against her professor with the dean but the dean has not emailed her back.

38 seconds: “USA baked White Supremacy into the Constitution”1:40: ” Polarization”2:00: “Trump appointing a judge and corrupt government”3:13: Possibly Anti-Semitic “I often don’t go to Jewish focused events.”

4:10 Refers to the United States gov’t as Nazis with a criminal in White House4:42: “Republican Militias, only strategy”5:40  She calls all Republicans Nazis5:45: Via Mary: I DEFENDED PRESIDENT TRUMP by saying “I don’t think Donald Trump is a Nazi,” but then was forced to be silent.

6:45: I TRIED to speak about child sex trafficking when professor was discussing children in cages by Trump and immediately was shut down once again.

35 Seconds- “Trump openly brags about having sex with his daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

This is the kind of filth these leftist lunatics are pushing on our children across the US.
They hate the president, they hate the country and they hate it when you disagree with them

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