The News Beyond Detroit would like to thank all you out there who have been clicking on our advertisers’ ads. We know a number of you had said that you’d be happy to click on ads and checking them out in order to help us gain some revenue, (DixieChicken was very enthusiastic about it) and we have seen a real up trend in ad revenue. Thank you so much!

In case this is new to you, our advertisers are not chosen by us, but instead our site was reviewed by WordPress and they somehow pair their pool of advertisers with our brand of news and humor. They also tie into your local computer’s cookies to choose what ads you will see. We get a very small piece of their advertising dollars based on how many clicks those ads get. We appealed to everyone out there that if they would make an effort to view more ads, and see what they have to offer, then we’d get a few more bucks. And I think we get even more if you happen to see something you like and actually buy it, but we couldn’t possibly ask you all to buy anything as a favor to us. But hey, if you see something you like who are we to say no to you buying it?

So in a nutshell, keep clicking on those ads that interest you, and know that we have definitely seen an uptick in our ad revenue. Thanks much. DCL and MichCon will be ordering their diamond encrusted Hummer vehicles before the new year at this rate.

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