Ghetto Lottery – Lawsuit filed a year after McDonald’s food, blender fight

It was an unforgettable confrontation caught on video inside a McDonald’s, as a customer threw food over the counter and a manager hurled a blender back.

A year after this food fight in Colerain Township, a lawsuit has been filed with a new demand for more than a refund.

The lawsuit said the customer was assaulted and never even got an apology.

It reads like a recipe for disaster.

The incident took place on Sept. 22, 2019, at the McDonald’s at 8339 Colerain Ave.

Customer Britany Price threw food over the counter at Manager Nashawnda Johnson, after a more than 25-minute wait for an incorrect food order to be fixed.

“I wanted to get some Happy Meals and some cheeseburgers and that was a very unhappy day for me,” Price said in an interview last October.

Johnson threw a blender back.

It ricocheted off Price’s face, shattering her cheekbone and breaking her nose.

She had to have surgeries after.

“She’s the one who started this. It would’ve never went down like that if she would have never threw stuff at me,” Johnson said in an interview last October.

A year later, a new lawsuit takes aim at McDonald’s USA, LLC., COBCO Enterprises, LLC., Momentum Restaurants, Inc., River City Family, LLC., and Johnson for what happened.

Price said she took four kids for Happy Meals and found the food to be wrong.

She said she was ignored and demanded a refund.

“I don’t have to put up with this, so I went and got the food, I want my money back,” Price said in an interview last October.

The lawsuit claims Johnson then became belligerent and used fighting words.

It said the defendants, “did everything within its power to ensure that Britany was neither ‘Lovin’ It’ nor experiencing a ‘Happy Place.'”

Video of the fast-food fight plays out what the lawsuit claims was assault, battery, negligence and gross negligence, as well as negligent hiring.

It said Johnson was known to have, “a bad attitude, a bad temper, and likely to commit the above-described acts.”

The documents also said there was negligent training and supervision leading to this burning hot brawl.

Johnson was fired after this super-sized scuffle.

During an October interview, we asked her if she regretted throwing back.

“Yeah I do, because I miss my job. That’s what I do,” Johnson said.

No criminal charges were filed.

Price’s attorney said it is not unusual that it took a year to file this civil lawsuit, as they made sure it was complete and fell within the statute of limitations.

It asks for at least $225,000 in damages.

A representative at the restaurant and from McDonald’s Corporate declined to comment.

Last year, McDonald’s said, “The safety of our customers and employees is of utmost importance to us. We are looking into this matter and will take appropriate steps once our investigation is complete.”

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