Does your family have a special holiday recipe that’s been passed through the generations?

There’s no getting around it. This holiday season is going to be …. weird. With the coronavirus pandemic still hanging around, there will likely be fewer large family gatherings, and festivities will be toned down.

But even if you can’t be with your family, there’s still one thing we can all do to try and make the holidays feel like the holidays: Cook.

Food is woven tightly into our social fabric and has a unique way of connecting people across generations and cultures. So I’m betting your family has a dish like that — one that evokes a fond holiday memory, like a bookmark in time.

We want to know what these intergenerational family recipes mean to you and your family, and why you eat them over the holidays. And also, if you’re willing to share, we’d love to have the recipe to share with others.

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