Dash camera captures man shooting through own windshield in Orange County

Updated: 5:18 PM EDT Sep 28, 2020Infinite Scroll EnabledBob Hazen Reporter

A dashcam caught a man shooting through his own windshield at another driver on the 417 in Orange County.

The man said he opened fire because the other driver flashed a gun at him first.

The driver, Marco Mazzetta, posted the video on YouTube. He said he was trying to defend himself because he believes he, or his passengers were in danger of being shot.

Florida Highway Patrol says it shows how dangerous it can be to argue with other drivers on the highway.

“You don’t know the mindset of the other driver that you might get involved in some kind of situation. A lot of people carry weapons in their cars. This could have really escalated to somebody getting shot, somebody getting killed,” Florida Highway Patrol’s Kim Montes said.

The in car-video shows another car driving aggressively. At one point, it gets extremely close to Mazzetta’s truck. He says he tapped the brakes and the other car bumped him then speeds around him.

Later, the second car slows down and Mazzetta says that driver pulled out a gun and pointed it at him.

That’s when Mazzetta says he took out his own gun and fired because he feared the other man, was going to shoot him.

Mazzetta did not want to do an interview but told WESH 2’s Bob Hazen through text, “I’m not a fan of guns; I’m a fan of not getting shot.

I know this video doesn’t capture my smartest moments but I hope any idiot criminal with a gun watching thinks twice before loading, brandishing & aiming their firearm at someone over a traffic infraction.”

He also says after the shooting he reported the incident himself to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.


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