You asked for it you got it!

Ok, guys. Here we go again.

A couple of years ago we had some complaints about having Katie be allowed on TNID/TNBD. Her stories do not necessarily reflect the views of the owners of this site or its community members. And they anger quite a few of us. And now some of you seem past the point of anger at her points of view, and you may think that her stories are actually hurting our site, driving away long time members, and keeping away new people

In the past we got tired of hearing it and said let’s ask all the members here. It’s theirs let them decide. You ALL told us let her stay. Do not silence anybody that we are better than that here.

Now more time has passed and things may have changed. It’s an election year, so let’s have a vote. Do you want that person allowed to post with the same rights as everyone else? The stories are often anti American and you are totally allowed to refute her, ignore her, call her names. But no doxxing.

So the ball is in your court again. Tell us yes or no and you can comment if you want. The majority wins.

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