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When you think about a stockbroker, you might think Wall Street, suits and ties, numbers, sitting at a desk all day on the phone or computer. 

But one Miami-based stockbroker is breaking all the rules when it comes to defining her role in the world. Despite her nine-to-five career as a stockbroker and financial advisor for Wells Fargo Advisors, Chabely Cardenas-Rios is emerging from her desk job lifestyle as a galvanizing force and example for women who want to dismantle the time-old social construct of traditional career beliefs.

As 2020 has thus far proven to be a year of challenging philosophies, norms, and stereotypes, so has Chabely, as she has embarked on a journey to blend two drastically contrasting ideas of a woman. After living through a nine-year relationship that later led to marriage and motherhood, Chabely’s life today looks dramatically different. While she will always be a mother and a proud one at that, Chabely now lives her life for herself—something she’s just discovering how to do for the first time.

A life-altering event by way of a divorce helped Chabely come out the other side with a fresh, new perspective. Despite having a straight edge career in an industry like finance, the young stockbroker is now determined to disrupt social norms of what the life of a financial advisor should look like. Serving international clients in countries including Argentina and Uruguay, she sets an example for women to demonstrate that, yes, you can be a professional and beautiful.

While her career in finance still thrills her to this day with the rush she experiences while doing business, Chabely has additionally taken on new business interests. As she expands her oeuvre to now include modeling and explores the idea of emerging as an influencer or public figure, Chabely is sure about one thing: She wants it all.

Chabely now doubles as a stockbroker and as a woman of the world with new opportunities to model and for the first time, truly be seen. Though it took her years to find this path for herself, she now strives to influence women much like her old self, who are trying to determine and dictate their own lives, both professionally and personally without influence, pressure, and the inhibitions of society’s expectations. It’s 2020. 

Who says a stockbroker can’t be sexy?

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