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It appears that in the past 24-48 hours, Disqus has added some words to our site’s “word filter” without us knowing about it. These are words like the N word, the C word, the w word, the SHEB word, and many other colorful words that describe various groups of people. We are usually pretty easy going about the words our community members use, and this filter may affect some of you more than others. But for now, we will not be changing or removing these words from the filter.

We don’t exactly know why Disqus did this at this time, but if there is some sort of “crackdown” on “hate speech” or something, we certainly don’t want to piss off some cracker who could delete our site with one click.

So, please be aware. If you do not see a posting of yours, and you look in your profile and see that it is “pending”, then for now at least, please repost that comment without the controversial word and be happy that we have almost-free speech.

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