Something Different…

So. We authors always post stuff about politics, world events, dumb-asses etc. It can get kinda old, and I’m certainly guilty of postings like this.

I’ve often wondered about the pets we here on TNBD own (or they own us??). Animal lovers: This is your chance to brag about your best friend, past or present. I hope ya’ll comment with pics, as I am an an animal lover, and hope others here are too. Would love to see pics of your bestie. Oh, and hope ya’ll don’t think this is too gay …

I’ll start off with my pets. I have 2 cats and a dog. Cats were adopted as kitten brothers from SPCA (a 2fer deal) 16 years ago next month. Chubby one is diabetic and has his 2 shots per day, he’s a fat boy. Light orange one is sorta chubby, but thankfully not diabetic, and is fastidious about cleanliness, fatboy brother, not so much – he’s too fat to properly groom himself, but is losing weight, thankfully. Dog just turned 6. She is pure joy and no issues.

Birthday last year.
The clean one
The not so clean one, fatboy

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