Florida Man, 48, Was Already Shackled Before Cops Slapped On The Handcuffs

Meet George Vacherlon.

The Florida Man, 48, was already shackled when cops took him into custody early Monday morning following a traffic stop in Eustis, a city about 40 miles from Orlando.

Vacherlon, an ex-con whose rap sheet includes multiple felony convictions, was charged with possession of ammunition by a convicted felon after cops found a Remington .22 caliber round inside his Jeep’s driver door pocket.

Vacherlon’s male passenger, with whom he shares a home address, was busted on drug charges after officers found methamphetamine and used syringes in his bag.  

According to a Eustis Police Department report, Vacherlon, who is locked up on $10,000 bond, was “placed in handcuffs, that were double-locked and checked for proper fit.”

It is unclear whether such care was taken when Vacherlon’s steel bondage collar went on earlier that evening.


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