To the women at TNBD

Listen, if you are being tagged by anyone pretending to be us mods or any other man here at TNBD you need to pay close attention.

First off, we would NEVER tag you from some other site asking you for your email address or whatever the f*ck they ask you for.

This sick bastard is targeting you ladies hoping that you fall for it. If you get a tag from ANY MAN from TNBD on some other site look at his profile and compare it to the real guy here. If you are still unsure EMAIL US!

We talked to our good friend at DISQUS and here is their advice for you.

This is not a private forum, and it has come to our attention that at least one lurker is now attempting to catfish and stalk our community members who are women. Do not give out any personal information to anyone who is new here. Do not share real names, emails, addresses, etc. Act like your life depends on being this overly cautious, because it does.

Be safe ladies.

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