‘I’m f—ing hungry!’

By Natalie O’Neill

Maskless woman threatens to stab KFC worker who refused service. Her order was hard to stomach.

An irate customer at a California KFC restaurant hopped up onto the counter and threatened to stab a worker after she was refused service for not wearing a face mask, wild video shows.

The frenzied woman had just been refused her mashed potatoes and gravy at the chain in Fresno when she flew into a profanity-laced fit of rage.

“I’m f–king hungry!” she screams in the clip shared on TikTok. “Give me something to eat! Now!”

An employee at the fast-food joint responded that it’s against store policy to serve customers who aren’t wearing face coverings, telling her, “I can’t … I’ll get fired.”

But his explanation did little to stop her Kentucky-fried freakout.

“You don’t even work here!” she yells inexplicably at the worker — who is wearing a KFC uniform and standing by the register.

At one point, she also told a worker “she wanted some mashed potatoes and gravy or he was going to get stabbed,” a witness, Leah Chastain, wrote on TikTok.

The woman tromped across the counter, kicked a promotional sign and called the eatery “disgusting” before finally giving up and leaving.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the angry customer was charged with a crime.


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