Everybody, please note that this is probably the most serious situation we’ve have to deal with since we have been TNBD, and even since the old TNID days. Our official list of rules is short. But one of our basic rules is NO POSTING OF PEOPLE’S PERSONAL INFORMATION OR IDENTIFICATION.

We’re not going to make a big lecture out of this, but we have been told that comments have been made with reference to the identity of a community member of ours, AND THE CHILDREN of the community member. This is a one-strike and you’re out rule. “Doxxing” people is not allowed, and if we catch any posting of people’s personal information on TNBD we will remove it and maybe say something. But if we see anything about the identity of their children, yeah, you’re gone.

 … trolls will be banned. No spam or threats or the release of someone’s personal information, or violence or obscene material will be tolerated…

Please have fun. Call each other names. Insult their politics. Argue and fight all you want. But please, let’s be better than this, ok?

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