Dogs Separated At Adoption Randomly Reunite

By Daniel Hampton

Sent in by: Nothingbutthetruth

SEATTLE, WA — Two dogs adopted from Russia a year ago reunited for the first time in a random twist of fate at a market in downtown Seattle. Two couples, who didn’t know each other, were walking with their dogs at the Pike Place Market on Feb. 10 when suddenly the animals sprinted toward each other.

Facebook user Pam Corwin, who was at the market that day, shared video of the heart-melting reunion on social media. The dogs went “totally crazy,” Corwin said.

“I went over to watch because it was so adorable, and as I stood there soaking up the love, the couples figured out that the dogs are siblings and came over on the same plane to be adopted from Russia a year ago! The dogs recognized each other,” she wrote.

The dogs even shared identifying tattoos, Corwin said.

“This joyful reunion went on for over a half an hour, in fact they were still at it when I left the market,” Corwin wrote.

Video shows the dogs gleefully playing on the floor as their surprised owners introduced themselves and exchanged adoption stories.

The post has been shared more than 63,000 times and watched more than 3 million times.

Owner Kaitlyn Hawkins told KIRO 7 the 11-month-old siblings Maui and Juniper were flown to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in May as puppies. They realized at the market they had met while picking the dogs up at the airport.

The families traded numbers and plan to have a play date at a dog park, the station said.

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