September 9, 1850: California

On this date in 1850, California, in the midst of a gold rush entered the Union as our 31st state. Amazingly, the area had only been part of the United States for less than 2 years, and wasn’t even a Territory at this point of becoming a State.

The population of California when ceded by Mexico to the U.S. was only about 7300 people mostly in mission towns. But after gold was discovered near Sutter’s Mill, the loss of this land became more painful to Mexico, who has been retaliating ever since with drunken invaders, pernicious deseases, and ugly hairy women,

There have been on and off attempts by Californians to secede from America, and breaking the state up into 2 or more smaller states has also been speculated.

Jefferson, North California, Silicon Valley, Central California, West California,
and South California

What effects could you see happening after a California secession that might not be obvious? What negative or positive unexpected results can you see possibly happening?

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