Naked lady swipes intimate item in naughty adventure in Fort Pierce

FORT PIERCE — An alleged naked woman accused of swiping a sex toy and using it in a store got locked up, according to an affidavit.

Fort Pierce police Aug. 31 went to an undisclosed address for a disturbance. Emergency dispatchers reported a woman sporting a purple shirt but no pants was in a store.

An employee said the woman removed a sex toy from the packaging and was fully nude, the affidavit states.

The alleged naked lady is not to be confused with the Barenaked Ladies, a Canadian band perhaps best known for the 1998 song “One Week.”

Meanwhile, a worker said the woman went in an employee area or stock room with the toy.

In the stock room, police encountered a 36-year-old Port Salerno woman in an office chair with the sex toy.

After the officer went in the room, the woman dropped the personal accessory.  

Police learned the woman tried on a piece of clothing, but the make, model, type, brand, cut or color wasn’t specified. It’s also unclear whether this was the purple shirt. 

The alleged stolen objects were valued at $45.98.

The woman declined to speak with investigators.

She was jailed on misdemeanor charges of larceny and indecent exposure.

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