‘Biden Can Just Stay Away’ – Wisconsin Voters Reject Joe Biden, Welcome Trump’s Planned Visit to Kenosha, Praise His ‘Strong Leadership’

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By Cristina Laila

Wisconsin voters rejected Joe Biden and welcomed President Trump amid his plans to visit Kenosha on Tuesday.

President Trump will travel to Kenosha on Tuesday after violent BLM-Biden voters rioted and destroyed businesses following an officer-involved shooting last Sunday.

Biden decided not to visit Kenosha this week because he is a feeble coward who thinks Trump’s visit will ‘backfire.’

President Trump is a true leader who is going straight into the epicenter of where violent riots took place to confront the problem.

Wisconsin voters don’t want Biden in Kenosha anyway.

One Wisconsin voter blasted Joe Biden for being an inept career politician.

“Vice President Biden coming in, as far as I’m concerned, he can just stay away because he did nothing beforehand and what is he doing now?” one Wisconsin voter said.


Another Kenosha voter told MSNBC he supports President Trump’s law and order push.

“I think Kenosha’s gonna vote for President Trump in the upcoming election. I think we need him here. We need strong leadership. People that are born and raised here are disgusted and angry with what’s happened.”


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