After 92 Days of Rioting, Leftist Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Calls on Citizens to Rise Up Against Rioters

Posted on behalf of Layla Godey

Black Lives Matter and Antifa anarchists have been ransacked Portland, Oregon for 92 straight days now.

The downtown will never be the same. Several businesses and landmarks were destroyed and lives ruined.

It took Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler 73 days to call out the violent rioters.

Clean up crews have collected 92,000 bags of trash this year following the nightly chaos.

Wednesday night, on the 92nd straight night of rioting, the leftist terrorists attack a local ICE facility again.

And on Wednesday Mayor Ted Wheeler called on Portlanders to rise up and denounce the violence taking place nightly in his city.

Wheeler asked for the city’s help to “rise up” with a collective voice.

He could have just called in the feds and National Guard weeks ago, ordered a curfew, and jailed the lawbreakers but that made too much sense.

This is peak Democrat rule. We are seeing similar situations play out across the country where Democrat led communities are under attack.


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