Opinion: Shaun King is a terrorist

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By Adam Ford

“Give me what I want right now or I will start harming innocent people.”

What type of person uses such a tactic to achieve whatever goal they have?

A terrorist. That’s what terrorists do. That’s one of their strategies. They take hostages, they detain them, they contact whomever they need to contact, and they say, “Give me what I want, or these people are going to get it.”

Shaun King, in addition to being a race-baiting grifter, scammer, slanderer, liar, fraud, white man pretending to be black, and reprehensible human being, has also shown himself to be just that — a terrorist.

Last night “Seany O’King” posted to his 1.1 million Twitter followers a public threat, or ransom note, to the Kenosha Police Department, reading, and I quote, “If you do not name the officer who brutally shot Jacob Blake on Sunday, we will simply begin naming officers from your department who may or may not be him.”

He threatened to dox cops who had nothing to do with anything amid frenzied anti-police rioting and chaos.

And he then went ahead and did just that.

Screen shots of the whole thread:

He names a cop in the second tweet:

“POLICE COULD END THIS RIGHT NOW.” Does that not sound exactly like something the terrorist villain from a 1990s action film would say?

Here comes another, with a name and picture and implication that he might be the mark about to be set upon.

Imagine being Officer Shesky right now:

Shaun King is on Twitter right now demanding to know the name of the officer who shot Jacob Blake so he can sic mobs of “peaceful protesters” onto the man and his family to, at best, ruin their lives forever, and, at worst, end their lives altogether.

To get what he wants, King is doxing innocent officers during a time when police hatred is reaching fever pitch, and threatening to continue to do so. What do you think is going to happen to these cops? Harm, that’s what!

I know of people being banned from Twitter for 1/100th of this insanity King is pulling. These tweets directly violate Twitter rules against targeting individuals. Yet here we are, more than 15 hours later, and the indefensible tweets are still up. King’s account is still active. Because Twitter and Jack Dorsey are also comrades in the movement, don’t you know? As a matter of fact, while Seany O’King was penning his terroristic demands, Jack was on a yacht in the Hamptons with BLM/CRT superstars Jay Z and Beyonce.

Shaun King is reprehensible and he is going to get innocent people killed. He cares nothing about the facts of the Jacob Blake shooting. Not a thing. He’s a simple Marxist ideologue. He wants to burn the whole thing down and make millions of dollars doing so. And he doesn’t care who dies in the process. It’s all justified in his mind.

He is a terrorist.


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