Billboard Gets Unsanctioned Anti-racist, Anti-KKK Facelift


  • The billboard as it looked this morning.

The Les Schwab Tire Center billboard between Eureka and Arcata got a provocative, anti-racist facelift overnight. The three figures have been altered to look like members of the KKK and the words now state, “Fuck the KKK!!! Hiding under Sheets for over 155 years.”

The Ku Klux Klan is a well known white supremacist group particularly known for committing violent, terrorist attacks on Black Americans. They frequently wear white robes and cone-like hats with masks.

A few readers reached out to us about the change. One said, “I was not too sure the intent … of the message. To be honest, it’s quite unsettling.”

We reached out to Les Schwab and while they an employee there said they were aware of the alteration to the sign, they had “no comment.”

  • A Google street view of the billboard’s original appearance.

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