Blood Makes You Related, But Loyalty Makes You Family

We here at TNID/TNBD have been blessed with some of the greatest people on DISQUS. You guys all make a great mix of personalities, and your interaction is really fun for us to watch. We know that you’re all good people and have always appreciated every single one of you.

We have had SO many people over the years say that this place is their favorite site. That means a lot to us.

When DISQUS was shutting us down, our community member, Dog Daze had said ‘you’re really the only place that I will miss’. That hit home for us. TNID/TNBD has been very blessed.

Let others say what they will about all of you here but no other site will have what you have created here.

We have authors that spend countless hours searching the web for stories for you all to laugh or fight over. Members who find stories but who can’t post them frequently email them in to us to put up. We have some of the best comedians on DISQUS that only want to make people laugh. We have great people from DISQUS who are concerned when we have a problem here. We have people who truly care and have your backs and the back of this site like Lips Malone, Mark Farkle and Sal…and more. What they do you will never see but we do here. And you’ll never know what a few of the women here have seen and shown us to help save TNBD.

With that said, we seem to have that asshole out to get us again. Can you blame them? They want to destroy what you have created. It’s the same dickless lonely-heart who can only dream to have half of what you made here. So much of his traffic is just him and his fake alternate Disqus ID’S to make it look like he has friends. So much of his comments are just people arguing about what is allowed and what isn’t allowed, and you down-voted this guy and they down-voted somebody else. Its a whole bunch of dumb conversations about other conversations the happened last month or last year. Meanwhile, you members of TNBD are creating a truly fun place for commenting, joking, dissecting news, parodying, and creating friendships.

Do your part to stop them and we will too. If they tag you over to their boring site, just be careful about cookies and temporary internet files. If you go there, “CLEAR YOUR CACHE FILES” when you leave that site. If you don’t want to visit that but you want to give them a piece of your mind, feel free to do that here, and tag them back. Ask us about it if you don’t know how.

Be sure that our site is still growing. Literally each month the traffic and number of visitors is growing. We get about three times the number of daily visitors now than a year ago, and 2 1/2 times the number of pages viewed. They may want to shut us down in hopes of capturing you and your traffic, but you must know that what you’ve created here cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Here’s to you all!

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