Dad’s Reality ‘Hard To Fathom’ After Wife Gives Birth To ‘Different’ Babies

by Christy Pepple

When a white couple gave birth, people instantly noticed how “different” the babies looked. The young dad admits his reality was “hard to fathom” but insists there’s no reason for scorn. After he explained why the children his wife bore don’t look the way others might expect, people have been left even more shocked, however.

Aaron and Rachel Halbert are white evangelicals who, along with their children, are turning some heads. The couple has five children who are not white like their parents. But, it’s how their family came to be that’s really shocking others. While the Halberts adopted their oldest son, who’s African-American, and their oldest daughter, who’s biracial, as infants, Rachel actually gave birth to the couple’s younger triplets, who happen to be black.

So, how did a white woman, who’s married to a white man, give birth to three babies, who are obviously not the same race as their parents? It’s an interesting story that even Aaron admits was “hard to fathom” as he made his stroll from his wife’s hospital room to the NICU to visit his newborn daughters, realizing their “family has been put together” in a way many have never even heard of.


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