Get your nose off our balls..

Stop bothering our members here. Stop tagging them and stop begging. They’re not dumbf*cks like you.

Hey guys and dolls. You may or may not be getting tagged by some ass holes at some jerkwater website to come and see their circle jerk with grampa, uncle Ed, cousin Goober, and the whole gang at their spunk o rama festival. But they seem to be going after you guys to try to lure you onto their awful blogs. They see what y’all have built up here at TNBD and they want a piece of the action. They may look like a fun site, or a Veterans site, or a conservative site, or a music site, or just the corner hangout site. But whoever they are, they are pieces of shit for trying to round up our successful and popular regulars here to try to spruce up their jack off sites wherever they are.

Remember, we aren’t going to try to scare you, but some of them do have the bots and cookies that have been known to track you and possibly identify your true identities. We wouldn’t put it past the jerk offs like that Wishin guy to even try to introduce viruses onto your computer. So please, if you want to check out the other side of the fence please do it in “incognito” mode or clean up your cookies after you leave them.

If you find that some other sites give you something you are not getting on TNBD, please let us know what that is. Maybe we can incorporate that aspect right here and meet your needs. We try to give you all a fun playground to do what you want, and if we don’t have enough of something or another, let us know.

If you are getting “harassed” by any of these people, you can block them. If you need help in blocking, ask us, or email us. A lot of our community members know how to do that. If harassment continues, we can help you report them to force them to stop.

Other than that, have fun. Be careful. And don’t look directly into that Wishin guy’s tumor. It looks like it can jump out at you and hurt you.


Your good friends MichCon and DetroitCityLimits

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