Be Careful

Idiots With A Plan

To our TNBD friends, please be careful. We have been told by people in the know that the idiots at a disreputable site are now “TAGGING” our people to their circle jerk website. These are the same douche bags who were trying to drum up other lonely like minded sad sacks in their porno peep show world to report TNBD for alleged racism. But now they’re tagging our people to come visit them.

We are told that they have been using web browser “COOKIES” to track visitors who come to their lonely site. These cookies can gather all sorts of information about you long after you visit their shitty site. If you do go to their site either accidentally or purposefully, you will probably want to clean your cookies immediately after your visit. We would never tell you not to go to suspicious websites, but from what we have been shown for your own good you will want to clean your cookies if you do. You can also visit their suspicious site in “INCOGNITO MODE” or other similar mode that your browser supports.

If you are being harassed by any of these people you can “REPORT” them to Disqus for the harassment.

Contact us in an email if you have anything you want to know or if you have anything to share with us.

Thank you and be safe.

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