You Know You’re Doing Something Right When…..


So we became aware of some idiot today. We have no idea who this lump of shit is, but apparently he or she doesn’t like how you guys have made The News Beyond Detroit a very popular website, and growing each and every month. So a couple of our regulars became aware of some sorry sack of shit pointing out how we do things here, and he or she is calling out their own sorry ass site’s entire population of nearly 7 people to report us for “racism”. Of course. The modern liberal idiot’s best accusation of the dreaded R word. So this “Wishin” person is seeing what you all do here on this site, and she is trying to report us to get us in trouble, and to silence you.

Hey girls need 6, how about if you do something worth while and go after some real racists instead of trying to push your nonexistant moral values and virtues onto someone who made a one time mistake.

Yeah, that’s right, there are some real racists on disqus just like there are some real idiots hanging out on your useless blog.

Here is an example of what they get up to at thenewsindetroit:


Git em girls, make it count, Gangus Kuhnt and the Huns.

When you’ve finished laughing at her attempt to do this to us all, just remember. You never know who is watching us. This loser never has posted on TNBD and yet she is playing Mrs. Kravitz and trying to drum up support to attack you by reporting you. Pity this sorry foolish lady or man, and laugh that you must be doing something right. You only take flak when you’re above the target. You only get this kind of attention when you’re good and you’re making fools jealous. Congrats.

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