Our THANK YOU GIFTS to 2 Local Police Depts. Have Been Delivered

Mrs. Fields goodies arrived today

Thank you to all in our TNBD Community For Your Support of Our Police

Hello everyone. Good news! Our deliveries as part of our recent TNBD game have been completed as of today. This morning at 11 something am, The Ann Arbor Police Department received their Mrs. Fields 144 NIBBLES and 72 BROWNIE BITES, which were sent at the direction of our BONGS AND THONGS who won the game.

And the Detroit Police Department’s SECOND PRECINCT received their Mrs. Fields THANK YOU COMBO TIN Package of NIBBLERS, COOKIE BITES, and FROSTED ROUNDS about 25 minutes ago.

We really loved this game and how it ended. Please if any of you can think of any other games or contests where we can show our thanks to the police during this awful time, share your ideas with us. We have a budget that we would be thrilled to use to do more of these. But we want some great game ideas too.

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