TNBD’s Thanks To Police

As you may remember, we had a contest last weekend to see who would have a gift sent to the police department or precinct of their choice. Bongs & Thongs was the winner, and he selected the Ann Arbor Police Department in Ann Arbor Michigan.

In addition, the Detroit Precinct #2 was promised a similar gift to say thank you to those officers and to give our condolences over recently passed officer, and friend of mine, Waldis Johnson. Officer Johnson was shot while on duty, and he suffered for about 3 years before finally succumbing to his injuries recently.

In case anybody wants to know what we had ordered and what should be arriving between tomorrow and the 24th, here are the transactions.

Everybody loves cookies and brownie bites, and there will be a bunch of happy officers in these two stations some time in the next week.

Thank you for playing, and let’s give a hand to our front line protectors.

RIP Officer Johnson
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