Carlsbad CA police release body camera footage amid public concerns over officer misconduct

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — The Carlsbad Police Department released body camera footage Saturday night in response to public concerns over officer misconduct during an incident involving a 27-year-old black man.

The June 11 incident gained attention after cell phone video surfaced showing officers using a Taser on the man and pressing his head into the pavement in an attempt to subdue him.

“A video is circulating showing a police use of force incident from Thursday night. Open lines of communication between the Police Department and the community are more important now than ever,” Carlsbad police said in a statement.

“As with all uses of force, we fully investigate incidents to ensure the officers’ conduct is consistent with the Police Department’s policies,” police said.

The cell phone video doesn’t show the start of the incident. The witness video begins with the man on the ground surrounded by paramedics and two officers lying on top of him.

The newly released six-minute body cam video starts from the moment two officers respond to the scene.

According to the department’s timeline of the incident, officers and paramedics responded to a call at 8:48 p.m. about a man found face down on a sidewalk at Ponto Road and Carlsbad Boulevard.

“Two officers arrived and found the firefighters evaluating the man, who was now standing,” police said.

Bodycam footage shows the man talking with paramedics, and the group appears to disperse. With the officers approaching, the paramedics step away from the man. The man tells the paramedics, “I’m not complaining about anything else.”

The man appears to hear something from the group of paramedics and screams out, “are you mocking me?”

A paramedic tells the man, “No, I’m not mocking you at all.”

One officer says, “Hey, they’re just here to help you, man.”

The man stands face to face with the paramedic telling him, “the way he said it is different from how you said it. Because I understand how the f— you say it. But what do you mean when you say it?”

According to the police timeline, “The man walked quickly toward the medics while continuing to yell profanities. Officers, fearing for the safety of the medics, interceded.”

The report says, “Officers reached out to the man and told him to stop.”

A struggle ensues and the body cameras are knocked to the ground leaving only an audio recording of the incident for about two minutes. The officers pick up the cameras and resume video recording the scene about two minutes later.

The department juxtaposed three camera angles of the confrontation with the man — two from officer body cameras, and one that was recorded by an unidentified “resident.” The witness video fills in a section of lost body cam footage.

Carlsbad police said the investigation is still ongoing and are asking the public who may have witnessed the incident to contact the department.


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