War movies, the good ones, can portray what war life is like for the men and women in the military and make viewers feel pride and respect towards our war heroes.

Memorial Day is an American holiday for remembering and honoring fallen members of the Armed Forces. While the holiday is typically associated with backyard BBQs, beach days, and picnics, there are so many ways you can celebrate its true meaning. One of those ways is by watching a war-themed Memorial Day movie.

Most of us, the lucky ones, have only experienced warfare in the movies. But many of us feel its sting through the loss of loved ones.

War doesn’t just destroy, though – it creates, fueling artists with the need to express the sorrow, horror and loss of the experience.

Sometimes devastating war films make for perfect Memorial Day weekend viewing as you honor those who’ve lost their lives in service. 

What are your favorite war films?

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