Loyal pit bull refuses to leave the side of its murdered owner who was gunned down on the streets of Mexico

A loyal pit bull has been pictured laying by its murdered owner’s side even as police comb the crime scene in Mexico.

Photographs show the heartbroken dog leaning against its owner’s body in the middle of a road in the city of Guadalajara in the western Mexican state of Jalisco.

The victim, thought to be 25 years old, was found at a crossroads after concerned passersby called the police. 

People living nearby had heard a number of gunshots go off on the morning of Monday, May 18.

The man suffered multiple bullet wounds, including one on the face, and lay in a pool of blood.

It is thought he had died instantly and paramedics on the scene could do nothing to save him. They confirmed his death on arrival.

Meanwhile, the victim’s pit bull dog was found sitting next to its owner’s dead body.

In the photos, the pooch is seen resting against the corpse as police officers carry out their investigation in the background.

It almost appears to be standing guard as it sits next to its owner. 

The whereabouts of the doting dog is now unknown but a police investigation is ongoing into the shooting.

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