Two people shot with one bullet in Ecorse; witnesses tell police they ain’t seen nothing

In a stunning display of marksmanship, thriftiness, or just blind luck someone shot two people with a single bullet in Ecorse, and police are at a standstill trying to figure out who did it. The shooting occurred at about 7 p.m. April 30 in the area of W. Jefferson Ave. and W. Rockwood Street. Police Sgt. Bill McCaig said officers were called to the house after the shooting and two people were taken to Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn.

“I have no idea who called police, but one of them was shot in the hind leg, and that bullet went straight through and hit another one in the knee area,” McCaig said. “We have a report of eight people being there at the time, which means there probably was over a dozen as they lie all the time. I interviewed eight people and nobody knows anything.” McCaig said he interviewed the person shot in the leg, and he also said he doesn’t know what happened. “We are willing to help, but if people don’t want to help themselves, don’t even bother to call us,” the sergeant said. McCaig said if someone looks right at the person who shot them, and then claims to not know what happened, there is little the police can do unless someone steps forward.

He said the situation is frustrating, knowing that people know more than what they are willing to tell. Nevertheless, he said that is not uncommon in this city.

Police went to question the man shot in the knee area at the hospital, but when they arrived, they discovered he had already left. The man with the leg injury was attempting to leave the hospital as well, McCaig said. After the attempt to talk with the second injured man was unsuccessful, McCaig said he contacted a close relative instead and asked him to let the man know police were trying to reach him. Days have passed, and police still have not heard from the man. “This happens with every single shooting, even baby shootings,” the sergeant said. “I’m not black Jesus. I can’t turn water into malt liquor.” McCaig said the department is “somewhat willing” to investigate these types of incidents, but people don’t tend to come forward until about five years down the road when they run into trouble and want to trade information on one case for help getting out of another.

He said the area is considered upscale in their city, but said while the house where the shooting occurred appears well maintained and luxurious compared to most houses in Ecorse that they visit this house on average of twice a week for everything from shootings and stabbings to rapes and hostage situations. “I’ve had to personally rescue at least a dozen hostages over the years from that house and not a single one has ever admitted to knowing who kidnapped and raped them,” McCaig said.

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