Clawson store giving away $1,000 if you can come up with winning jingle

CLAWSON, Mich. — “We are a 15,000 square-foot Mecca of vintage shopping! We are a lifestyle store: we sell homemade and vintage furniture and used gifts and clothes and decorative accessories in a vintage roller skating rink,” says Mary Liz Curtin, owner of Leon & Lulu in Clawson. In the last 14 years, they’ve given many local makers and salvagers their start and hosted many live events, over 80 just last year, so they’ve had to make big adjustments in recent weeks! For the first time since opening in 2006, Leon & Lulu has what owner Mary Liz Curtin calls a high tech E-commerce site. “You can shop online on this site called ‘the craigslist’, choose what you want and then you call us and tell us and then you can come and buy it,” says Curtin. With a uniquely curated and plentiful inventory, they’ve created themed gift boxes to make shopping easier. “We have puzzles with almost all the pieces, we’ve got gift boxes for people of all interests, because its a great way to send a ‘Hello, I love you, here’s a Hungry Hungry Hippos game that’s missing one hippo head’ to someone across the country or down the street,” says Curtin.

They are offering curbside pick up, shipping and delivery. Because they do their own deliveries, and own the restaurant next door Cat Lady Cafe, they can offer a unique service. “We can deliver gifts along with a meal!” “Matt Prentis our wonderful chef has designed a series of menus that are designed to travel and reheat. His tiny pasta rings in tomato sauce are my favorite,” says Curtin. And right now, they are holding a big contest, giving away $1000! “We have started the Leon & Lulu jingle contest!” You have until mid-June to submit a jingle up to two minutes long. There’s a great prize for the winner! “A big garbage bag of Leon and Lulu loot, dinner for four at Cat Lady Cafe and $1000 in Leon & Lulu money,” says Curtin. And of course bragging rights. “It puts you in the same place as Barry Manilow, Roy Rogers and Detroit’s favorite redheaded stepchild, EDIT!,” says Curtin.

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