Even Trump campaign’s 404 page is a brutal swing at Biden

The Trump campaign slid in another swipe at Joe Biden through the 404 pages on its campaign website.

“It appears you are as lost as me,” the page reads when a user clicks a donaldjtrump.com URL that is incorrect, accompanied by a photo of the presumptive Democratic nominee looking confused.

The Trump campaign has most recently targeted Biden’s former record on China, but has also continued to highlight moments where the former vice president has stumbled or gaffed. A recent campaign ad called Biden “China’s puppet,” claiming his son Hunter had received over $1 billion from a Chinese state-owned bank and noting that Biden called Trump’s China travel ban amid coronavirus “racist” and “xenophobic.”

Biden too has a 404 page, which leads to a donation page with an image of Biden, saying he “will defeat Donald Trump.”

In recent weeks, Biden has accused the president of a weak and slow White House response to coronavirus crisis.

In April, the Trump campaign poked fun at Biden’s former running mate President Obama waiting until there were virtually no other Democratic options to endorse Biden.

“Even Bernie Sanders beat him to it. Obama was right in the first place: Biden is a bad candidate who will embarrass himself and his party. President Trump will destroy him,” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement.


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