WATCH:Where are They Now? Black Lives Matter #BLM


Did Black Lives Matter exist, or was that a weird dream we all had back in 2013?

I remember a white chick who claimed she identified as “black NOT African American.” And, the reporter who worked for The Young Turks only to find himself fired for lying on his resumé. Then, there was the failure and still super gay mayoral candidate. Of course, everyone remembers when Al Sharpton’s attention-whore status peaked after the Ferguson nightmare.

It definitely wasn’t a dream, leaving the obvious question to be answered — where is #BLM now? In this Crowder Classic, Steven put everyone’s curiosity to bed, FINALLY.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. Here’s a disclaimer for the fact-checkers of the communist social media regime…this is a parody of VH-1 “Where Are They Now.”

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