I Had Sex With a Woman Online. Now a Blackmailer Wants $2,000 for the Video.


I am a 55-year-old single straight man. I have a partner of several years (same age), but because of COVID-19 and our situation—we live in different homes, I have kids, she doesn’t—we are in different bubbles. We do walks and talk in person, but no physical contact. She is not into online sex between us, and I am OK with that.

So with the lockdown, I discovered online live adult entertainment on a cam site. It is fun, but expensive. Mostly I watch and chat, but it got kind of hot and heavy with one particular person online. Let’s say that what took place on either end, while pretty vanilla, would not be fare for PBS. There was also one private session. I should add that my partner is not aware of these recent online activities, and would probably be really pissed if she found out.

To get to the point: A couple of days ago, I got an attempted extortion letter. (I will send it to you separately.) The summary is that the person claims to have a recording of what took place, at least at my end, and wants $2,000 in Bitcoin to destroy the evidence. The extortionist says they have access to my emails and other contacts and will send the video out to my contacts if I do not pay. It is clear from the letter that they really do have more information about me than I would like.

It would be quite embarrassing for this to get around, but I have no intention of paying. Any suggestions about what to do? A quick look at the FBI website had me confused—it looks at first glance like you need to have lost money first before they will look at the case.

—Candid Camera


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