COVID-19 has turned political with Oakland County Commissioner David Woodward and Royal Oak Mayor Fournier admonishing Commissioner Gibbs for exercising her First Amendment and Constitutional Rights.

ROYAL OAK, Mich., April 23, 2020 — A police report has been filled by Royal Oak City Commissioner Kim Gibbs after receiving harassing phone calls, email, and text messages. As a result, Royal Oak police are providing her protective services.

Gibbs is running against Oakland County Commission Chairman David Woodward, for the 19th district — Royal Oak and Berkley. Gibbs continues to receive unkind messages as a result of local and county Democratic leaders disseminating her personal information online after she attended Operation Gridlock.

“I attended Operational Gridlock at the Capitol to support the voices of small business owners and their employees,” said Gibbs. “I appreciate, and respect, the President’s efforts to keep Americans safe and end this pandemic; however, the Governor’s lockdown is arbitrary and capricious.”

Woodward, whose publicized attempt to take over as Oakland County Executive before L. Brooks Patterson’s body was even buried, is one of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s “go-to” people. Woodward, in conjunction with Royal Oak Mayor Michael Fournier, is leading a campaign against Gibbs calling for her resignation. They have even asked the Governor to remove her in a clearly partisan political move during this pandemic.

“I’ve been checked for COVID-19 and am not carrying the virus; thus, I was no threat to anyone,” said Gibbs. “I maintained CDC social distancing guidelines at the rally. Some politicians are satisfied with the Governor’s punitive approach, which is destroying the state’s economy. We need robust plans that keep Michiganders safe and get us back to work.”

Mayor Fournier is motivated by Gibbs constant opposition to his policies, multiple violations of the city charter, no-bid contracts worth millions, cronyism, financial irresponsibility, and favoritism to political donors. His disdain for Gibbs is obvious for his “selective” enforcement of the Governor’s executive order to shelter-in-place. Multiple non-essential businesses and construction projects run by Fournier donors continue to operate despite numerous calls from residents to the city, that go unanswered.

Gibbs – Condemned for not falling in line with self-proclaimed “right woman for the job”, Gov Gretchen Whitmer

“Fournier wants me to resign for exercising my first amendment and constitutional rights,” said Gibbs. “But he allows his donors projects to violate the Governor’s order, which are not protected by the Constitution.”

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